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Holiday Club FAQ

A1. The church admin office on 012 343 5063.

A2. It is better to keep them at home until they are well.

A3. Its a once off fee.

A4. Yes we would welcome any of the items we use for arts and crafts.

A5. We will have stand by medical assistance to deal with such a situation.

A6. No. Sufficient meals will be provided to the children. If your child has an allergy you pack a meal for them.

A7. We do not encourage children to bring cellphones or valuables to Holiday Club. However if your child chooses to bring a cellphone or valuables to Holiday Club, it is his or her duty to take care of it.

A8. You must arrange for another person to pick up the child.

A9. You must contact the church on 012 343 5063 so that we can arrange for a person to be available to receive your child.

A10. You decide on the person who will be responsible for this duty.

A11. Please contact the church on 012 343 5063 or feel free to discuss it with us before or after children's ministry on Sunday.


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